About Our Program

Manna’s Culinary Arts Program was established in 2014 as a way to help people gain necessary skills to secure a job in the food industry. Culinary Manager, McKenzie Miller, offers a 16-week course with teachings by weekly guest chefs from local restaurants. The program is open to the community and Manna clients. Upon completion of the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion, and their two-year state recognized Food Handlers Certificate. By combining cooking skills learned in the kitchen and life skills taught in the class, graduates are taking those next steps in life toward successful independence.

Jumpstart Your Career With Us

Become a Student

Our classes are small – only 8 students per class – so that we can offer the personal attention needed to help you achieve success. There are two classes every year, fall and spring. The total cost to attend is $1,000 with scholarships and payment plans available. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with local chefs as well as take part in exciting catering events. Contact us today to learn more about our Culinary Arts Program.

Hire Us

Did you know that we offer catering to those working hard to better our community? Call us about your next event and let’s talk food. We also sell our delicious chocolate chip cookies and deliver them to your establishment. Get started now by reaching out to us. Even more, we have a conference space for rent, equipped with food prepared by our students. Schedule your next meeting with us in our beautiful culinary facility.

Support Our Program

Part of Manna’s long-term goals is to help people gain greater self-sufficiency. Many of our students need help covering their tuition in order to get started in that direction. Consider sponsoring a culinary student so that they may gain the skills necessary to enter the food industry. Together, we can prepare people for the workforce and build a stronger more vibrant economy, which enhances the lives of everyone.

Changing Lives One Student at a Time

Jericho Fields graduated high school at age 15 and quickly began on a path of higher education earning three Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry, biology and math with minors in engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. He then went on to secure a Registered Nurses’ Certification (RN) and earned his Master’s Degree in management and business administration. But despite Jericho’s impressive educational accomplishments, he was struggling in his private life with the loss of his parents, grandparents and the suicide of a college roommate.

After graduating, these tragic events sent Jericho on a quest for greater meaning.  He traveled the country in search of himself and some peace of mind. Part of his travels involved the extraordinary undertaking of hiking the Colorado Trail, which landed him in Durango. By the end of his journey, he was a well-traveled and educated person who also was combating addiction and homelessness. That’s when he found Manna and met Chef McKenzie.

He entered the Manna Culinary Program in the spring of 2016 and graduated that May. As part of the Culinary Program’s offerings, he secured a job with Toshi’s – An Organic Kitchen. Jericho shares, “The program at Manna is engaging, hands-on and personable. I enjoyed the level of independence we were given halfway through the class to create our own recipes. It also felt good knowing what was coming next. From the minute I walked in the door, to the moment I left, everything was planned out, much like the real workings of a commercial kitchen. It was also fun. And learning a variety of cooking methods and styles from guest chefs made it really special.”

If you’d like to create your own success story, just like Jericho’s, register today or give us a call to learn more. Bon appetite!

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