Catering for a Cause

Manna’s Culinary Program takes on catering jobs with the mission of bettering the community. This allows our students to gain greater skills and provides hands-on experience prior to entering the heat of a kitchen in the fast-paced restaurant industry. In general, Manna has limited resources to provide full-time catering services, but it’s always looking for smaller jobs that positively impact society. An example of this might be an event for another non-profit organization or food that compliments an existing good deed.  Let’s talk about what you have in mind and how we may be able to take part in it. Catering not only gives our students an opportunity for learning, the proceeds from it go back into the Culinary Program for future use. Call us today and let’s build a healthy economy together, one catering event at a time.

Thank you so much for catering our painting workshop. It made my job as host so much easier and I was able to enjoy the event myself. The food was delicious: cobb salad with vegetable soup (including fresh vegetables from Manna’s garden). And, the carrot cake dessert was scrumptious. There were many compliments from the participants. What a treat for everyone to just relax and enjoy your fabulous culinary expertise.


Growing Opportunities. Feeding Community.