Freshly Baked Cookies Delivered to Your Door

If you’ve been around Durango on a Friday, you’ve probably smelled chocolate chip cookies wafting from various establishments. Perhaps you’ve even enjoyed some of the soft, chunky, chocolate-oozing goodness yourself. Did you know these freshly baked cookies are an original recipe made by Manna? Let Manna bake cookies for your business or next event. You’ll be helping our culinary students learn new skills while also supporting Manna’s social enterprise program, which financially contributes to feeding those in need.


Our cookie program is now headed by Manna Culinary School graduate, Bill Grimes. To contact Bill about cookies, please email him at

Alpine Bank has been receiving cookies from Manna’s Culinary Program since its inception. Cookie Friday is the favorite day of the week for customers and employees. We have customers that wait to do their banking until Friday just so they can get a cookie. We have also been told that it was because of cookie Friday that people have opened their accounts with Alpine Bank. The cookies are a small piece of the difference that the Culinary Program is making in our community. We are a proud partner of Manna.

–Beth Drum, Sr. Vice President

Growing Opportunities. Feeding Community.