Sponsor a Student

Many of our students come to us as a way to work their way out of poverty and homelessness. Others are looking to gain a new skillset to propel them forward. With every new class, we do our best to offer each student financial assistance, especially those most in need. At least 90% percent of our students require some type of aide, which is why we need your help. Please consider sponsoring a culinary student so they can achieve their goal of working in the food industry. Tuition is $1,000 and there are four levels of sponsorship: $250, $500, $750 and a full ride scholarship. With your financial commitment, you’ll receive correspondence on how your student is progressing as well as be invited to the graduation showcase dinner. Call us today to learn more our Culinary Program and the students we serve.

The smiles on the students faces show that someone cares about them and that they will have a better future in years to come. We are so happy to sponsor a student. With help from the culinary school at Manna, we see students make a better life for themselves and their families.


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